Research priorities

Improving Governance of Tree Crop Landscapes for Resilient Green Economies, Climate Change and Sustainable Environmental Services
Land Health Evaluation, Restoration and Investment Decisions
Resilient productivity and profitability of agricultural systems with trees
Tree Productivity and Diversity - Realising economic and ecological value from tree genetic resources

Science quality platform

Our Science Quality Platform provides guidance and support to ICRAF scientists and their partners. The platform was created to foster research excellence and high quality science delivery in our work. The Platform aims to capture and document approaches and best practices for bringing more transparency and discipline to the research process by fostering principles of reproducible research.

Geospatial Unit

The Landscapes Portal provides users with a platform for visualizing and sharing... more

Knowledge Management Unit

The Knowledge Management Unit provides knowledge services to help enhance the Centre... more

Research Methods Group

RMG designs, manages, monitors and provides technical support to project development... more

Impact platform

Our ability to effectively fulfil our mission and, in turn, make a significant contribution towards realizing our vision largely depends on the extent to which the new knowledge and innovations we co-generate with our national and global partners are appropriately used by others including policy makers, the private sector, NGOs, and farmers. ICRAF has put in place a dedicated platform for facilitating this to support, accelerate, and prove the effective and efficient translation of our research efforts into inclusive development outcomes and impacts at the project, programme, and strategic organizational levels. 

As a research-for-development organization, we explicitly recognize that our ability to both generate and deliver evidence for development impact necessitates consolidated efforts on a number of fronts.