Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action plan for Kenya’s dairy sector

Project Timeframe:
Jun 2015 to Jun 2020

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Within the framework of the National Climate Action Plan, the Government of Kenya is developing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in the agricultural sector. This new international climate finance mechanism provides co-funding for climate-smart agriculture.

The CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change and Food Security (CCAFS)UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use Ltd and the World Agroforestry Centre are supporting the Kericho County and the private sector in a pilot to deliver mitigation, food security and livelihoods benefits for smallholder dairy farmers. The project will be scaled up to the other dairy producing regions around Lake Victoria (Nyanza and the western highlands), the Rift Valley and the Central Highlands that jointly make up approximately 90% of the country’s total milk production.

Commencing in 2015, the four-year project encompasses the development of:

  • A strong institutional framework for the establishment of policies to support the dairy Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions
  • Value propositions and investment framework including improved on-farm practices, identification of business models, as well as identification of finance investment modalities to integrate climate finance
  • Monitoring and verification frameworks at farm, cooperative and national level.

In addition to production and employment benefits, the project will contribute to green economic growth triggering a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilience benefits to 600,000 smallholder dairy farmers.