ICRAF support to the Asean-swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate change

Project Timeframe:
Mar 2017 to Feb 2020

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Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Despite significant economic development, rapid population growth coupled with land and forest degradation may cause many countries in the Southeast Asia to fail feeding their projected population in the future. Climate change is an additional threat to food security since most economies in the region are relying on agriculture and natural resources.

Agroforestry, the deliberate planting of trees with crops and/or animals on the same unit of land providing multiple economic and environmental benefits, has real potential to contribute to food security and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Promoting expansion of resilient agroforestry practices is now a key action programme within the Vision and Strategic Plan for ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture and Forestry 2016-2025.




Project objectives

  • The focus is on promoting agroforestry development in the region, particularly in Vietnam, Cambodia and other Mekong countries. Specific objectives are to:
  • Harness existing knowledge on agroforestry, synthesize this knowledge and package it in the form of technical guideline for the ASEAN Member States (AMS).
  • Provide an overview of the overall status of agroforestry and develop a roadmap for its development in Cambodia.
  • Share information and data necessary to develop Knowledge Tree on Social Forestry.
  • Support continuing learning and further capacity building of agroforestry practitioners in AMS.
  • Facilitate the mainstreaming of agroforestry in national strategies on sustainable forest management and climate change.
  • Provide technical support to the on-going revision of Vietnam’s Forestry Law.
  • Advance the state of agroforestry in AMS through policy dialogues.

Research methods and approaches

  • Extension review and synthesis of existing knowledge and research results
  • Expert consultations
  • Round-table discussions, policy dialogues
  • Write-shops, workshops and tranings.

Key outputs/outcomes

  • ASEAN-level guidelines on agroforestry development
  • Strategy/roadmap for agroforestry development in Cambodia
  • Knowledge Tree on Social Forestry
  • Agroforestry training
  • Agroforestry practitioners guide
  • Policy recommendations and proposals on agroforestry development in Vietnam
  • Implementing guidelines of proposed revisions to Vietnam’s Forestry Law
  • Recommendations relevant to agroforestry development in AMS.


Dr. Nguyen Tien Hai

Social Forestry Specialist & Project Manager

Email: N.tienhai@cgiar.org

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