Seed processing and testing

Seed processing includes seed extraction, cleaning, drying and weighing before packing for storage. Tree germplasm is received in the Genebank in form of fruits or seeds. For fleshy fruits, seeds are extracted by opening the fruits and washing off pulp with water. In dehiscent pods and dry fruits, are extracted by threshing.

Seed cleaning involves removal of debris, foreign material including seeds of other species, damaged and infected seeds.

  • Clean seeds are then placed in muslin bags for drying under controlled humidity and temperatures.
  • The dried clean seed is placed in well labelled bags and total seed weight recorded.
  • 1000-seed-weight is then determined.
  • Initial viability testing is carried out immediately after the seed is processed. Thereafter, viability is routinely monitored to ensure that only viable germplasm is conserved.
  • Sesbania sesban seed cleaning

    Determination of 1000 seed weight using the Marvin Seed Analyser

    Sesbania sesban seeds placed on blotter paper for germination test

    Moringa oleifera seeds placed on sand for germination test