Information Management

Genebank Information Management

  • Information Management relates to documentation, curation and retrieval of the information generated from all genebank activities such as collecting, conserving, documenting, characterizing and distributing;
  • Germplasm data generated include passport data, evaluation, characterization, viability and distribution records.
  • Genebank has adopted tools to enhance efficiency of Genebank operations in data capture, integration and information system interoperability such as:
    • Use of bar-coding 
    • Use of mobile tablets and pocket computers
    • Mobile Apps development
  • Genebank data is hosted in the GRU central database  and two other open access platforms,  Genesys  and GLIS for germplasm data sharing

Information management is crucial for the Genebank because curated germplasm data:

  • Feeds in to all other Genebank activities workflows (e.g. when to undertake routine testing, quantity of the accessions remaining at any given time etc)
  • Will facilitate users to make informed decision on the germplasm needed
  • A great tool for assessing Genebank quality management system

Data capture using tablets

Use of barcodes in Genebank processes

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