Tree Health Unit

Threats by native and non-native pests and pathogens targeting trees is a growing continental crisis. These biotic threats can jeopardize food security, frustrate conservation efforts and drive biodiversity loss thus, crippling the benefits harness from trees. CIFOR-ICRAF recognizing the risks of transboundary spread during germplasm exchange and impact of bio invasion impacting tree-based technologies, led to establishment of tree health unit in 2021. The unit patch up pathways of pests and pathogens introduction and devise intervention measures to protect tree health.

This is achieved through.

  • Providing phytosanitary interventions to ensure safe exchange and conservation of tree germplasm
  • Responding to emerging biotic threats of trees through; Surveillance, risk assessment and providing mitigation strategies
  • Leveraging and building viable network across national, regional and international level to improve delivery on pest and disease management
  • Building capacity to respond to needs of Africa challenges of tree pest and diseases
  • Providing research-based knowledge to inform tree users on pests and diseases of indigenous and exotic trees