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1 Phytochemical Profile of Prunus africana Stem Bark from Kenya. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products, 1:110. 2015 Nyamai, D.W., Mawia, A.M., Wambua, F.K., Njoroge A., Matheri, F., Lagat, R., Kiambi, J., Ogola, P., Arika W., Cheseto, X., King?ori E., Ramni, J., Ngugi M.P., Muchugi A., Ng?ang?a, M. Phytochemical characterisation Go to full publication
2 Genetic diversity of Faidherbia albida accessions held at the World Agroforestry Centre, Forests, Trees and Livelihoods, 2015 Kithure, R.K., Muchugi, A., Jamnadass, R., Mugendi, F.N. and Mwaura, L. Molecular Characterisation Go to full publication
3 Genetic diversity of Dacryodes edulis provenances used in controlled breeding trials. Journal of plant breeding and crop science, 7(12)327339. 2015 Makueti, J.T., Otieno, G., Tchoundjeu, Z., Muchugi, A., Tsobeng, A., Asaah E. and Kariba, R. Molecular Characterisation Go to full publication
4 Variation in growth and fruit yield of populations of Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. Agroforest Systems. 2014 Nyoka, B.I., Chanyenga, T., Mng?omba, S.A., Akinnifesi, F.K. and Sagona, W. Morphological characterisation Go to full publication
5 Afforestation and reforestation of Walnut forests in Southern Kyrgyzstan ? an economic perspective -0001 Hardy KA, Thevs N, Welp M, Aliev K Journal Go to full publication
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