Documents and policies used in handling genetic material

Genetic Resources Policy

This document addresses ICRAF's policy for acquisition and distribution of tree genetic resources, access and benefit sharing, including of technologies and information related to tree germplasm. The policy is intended to facilitate awareness of and compliance to the international agreements that guide access to germplasm and information.

Intellectual Property Rights

In consideration of the legal issues that have arisen from increasing recognition of the importance of plant genetic resources for agriculture and forestry and given that ICRAF has always supplied tree seed free of charge through donor-supported programmes, an IPR related policy was formulated to deal with germplasm exchange between regions made applicable to date.

Invasive Alien Species Policy

In pursuit of the institute’s mission and vision, ICRAF works with a wide range of tree species, including many that are alien and potentially invasive. This policy is intended to minimize unanticipated negative impacts of alien species to biodiversity, ecosystems and human enterprise that could result from both intentional and unintentional introductions.