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About Genetic Resources Unit

The ICRAF Genetic Resources Unit has a global role to collect, conserve, document, characterize and distribute a diverse collection of agroforestry trees. The ICRAF seed bank in Nairobi and field genebanks in the regions ensure the supply of superior tree germplasm for research and conserve material for the benefit of present and future generations. Genetic resources databases such as Agroforestree provide relevant information on agroforestry trees such as taxonomy, uses, site suitability and sources of seed as well as information on the ICRAF Genebank collection.

GRU participates in research that aims to fill information gaps that promote the use of quality tree germplasm for improved livelihoods and resilient landscapes. At the ICRAF Genebank, tree germplasm is conserved in accordance to international standards and is distributed to ICRAF research programs, research partners and to direct users including farmers. For requests that cannot be fulfilled, genebank staff guide requesters to potential sources of quality germplasm.

Please read the guidelines for ordering seed before placing a seed request. To make a seed request, download the seed request form or place an online seed order.

Dr. Alice Muchugi
Genebank Manager

IGRAF Genetic resources unit is supported by Genebanks Platform, FTA and Global crop Trust

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