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Kimaiyo J., et al (2017)_ Guidelines for establishing innovation platforms

An innovation platform (IP) is a forum established to foster interaction among a group of relevant stakeholders around shared interest. The innovation platform uses participatory approaches in diagnosing problems, exploring joint opportunities and investigating solutions.

Decision analysis with the decisionSupport package

Decision-makers often wish to have a quantitative basis for their decisions.

Maximizing the production,marketing and returns from local chicken

There is considerable scope for indigenous chicken production and marketing. Smallholders, in particular, can potentially experience considerable benefits, given that indigenous chickens fetch a higher unit price on the Zambian market; their cost per kg.

Identifying appropriate farmer engagement approaches to raise interest of dairy farmers to take up improved feed and feeding practices for increased milk production

Given VIP4FS’s goal of bolstering food security and income among key actors in targeted value chains, including smallholder dairy, identifying and scaling approaches among dairy farmers to bolster milk production through the increased and appropriate use of quality fodder (i

Factors affecting household participation in non-timber forest products market in Eastern Uganda

Using data from a sample of 633 households selected through multistage sampling procedure, this study assesses factors affecting households’ decision to collect or produce NTFPs using a Probit model and identifies factors affecting households’ choice of a source of NTFPs using a Probit model.

Assessment of farmer groups in Solwezi, Manafwa and Kapchorwa Districts

The Value chain innovation Platforms for food security (VIP4FS) project characterization of the grassroots institutions began with a general census of farmer groups and various variants of coalitions.

Livelihood analysis of households in Solwezi District,Zambia

The study report aimed to provide information for understanding the context in which smallholder farmers operate in order to be able to propose interventions that will improve food security and hence enhance their livelihoods.

Kimaiyo et al., (2017)_Livelihood analysis of households in Manafwa and Kapchorwa

The Value chain Innovation Platforms Project for Food Security (VIP4FS) aims to identify principles and drivers that support scalable establishment of effective and equitable innovation platforms that enhance food security through greater engagement of smallholder farmers with markets.