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The Link vol. 6 November 2014

It is a bright hot sunny day and Moses Shonga is taking a walk in his maize field singing. He looks around at the beautiful scenery of evergreen fertilizer trees on his four-acre land and is happy with the progress.

The Link vol. 7 November 2014

Accelerating transformation towards Climate-Smart Agriculture in Tanzania

Stakeholders Perspectives

Data collection clusters • Cluster 1:Gotu springs: near the Ewaso Ngiro River. The spring is protected by fence (Isiolo county) • Cluster 2:Kubikalo, Kom, Dimatho, Biliqo, Biliqo marara, Bulesa, Goda, Malkafunan, MerG (Isiolo County)

Rewards for, Use of, and Shared Investment in, Pro-poor Environmental Services project, phase 2. Research sites in Asia 2008-2012

RUPES has encouraged adoption of improved forest, land and watershed management practices through environmental services compensation and rewards’ schemes by promoting a set of principles: realistic, conditional, voluntary and pro-poor1.

Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

This book provides guidance on how the support of negotiations between stakeholders over crucial landscape issues can be organized in a multidisciplinary, multi-skilled team with awareness of the need for, and challenges of, communication across multiple knowledge systems, attitudes, skills and a

The quiet revolution

Until recently, Niger has tended to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. One of the poorest places in the world, with a low life expectancy, high infant mortality and meagre public services, it has suffered from frequent droughts, crop failures and malnutrition.

Welcome to the first issue of the FoodAfrica Newsletter!

Issues relating to Food Security are among the most important global challenges of today, influencing the development potential and wellbeing of millions of people. The FoodAfrica programme is proud to be part of the work towards identifying good practices and solutions.

Integrated farming systems for rainfed eastern India

While there has been a remarkable progress in the crop production technologies, especially for the rainfed rice, the cropping intensity and the level of integration of other enterprises / sectors in the farming system throughout eastern India has remained low as compared to the rest of the countr