Our outputs

SLIM: Simple Light Interception Model

The purpose of the SLIM software is to compute canopy closure (an index of long term light level) at any height above the ground within a forest canopy. It was initially developed as a module of the dynamic forest growth model, SExI Forest Simulator.

FBA: Fractal Branch Analysis model

Trees come in various shapes, grow at different rates and interact with their neighbours during development. Yet, many of the properties of an individual  tree can be predicted if we know the diameter of its stem.

Wood Density Database

Wood density database records the dry weight per unit volume of wood for particular species, it is an important parameter for :

Pedotransfer Resource Database

Pedotransfer Resource Database (PtfRDB) is a database of input parameters to estimate soil properties for water balance calculations, summarized from 8915 data from tropical soils. The databse was built by Dr. Didik Suprayogo and Soenaryo MSc of Brawijaya University.

AFTree database

 The Agroforestree (AFT) Database is a species reference and selection guide for agroforestry trees.

Living Standards Measurement Study Newsletter, Winter 2015 Issue 2

2015 is off to a good start, with many new and exciting developments! First of all, the LSMS team has joined forces with the Computational Tools team to form the new Survey and Methods Unit (DECSM). DECSM leads the World Bank's Research Group in the production,

FoodAfrica Newsletter, March 2015.

As the newly appointed Chairman of the FoodAfrica Supervisory Board I had a possibility to visit Kenya in late February to meet with the FoodAfrica team and participate in the board meeting. I was delighted to notice how very committed the Supervisory Board as well as the Work Package members are to the Programme.

Living Standards Measurement Study Newsletter, Spring 2015 Issue 3

As the exciting and challenging global effort on the SDGs gears up, more and better data will be needed to monitor progress, requiring greater investment by countries and development institutions. For our part, the LSMS has teamed up with USAID’s

The Link (East & Southern Africa Region Newsletter) Volume 8

On 11-13 March 2015 the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESAf ) regional office held its regional planning meeting in Arusha, Tanzania. The meeting convened ESAf regional office staff and internal and external partners who the office works with. In his opening remarks

FoodAfrica Newsletter, June 2015.

One of FoodAfrica’s main partners is the University of Helsinki, celebrating its 375 years of success in education and top research. The university is putting an increasing emphasis on the interaction with society.

Agroforestry impact on soil health – a soft systems model representing current knowledge

This is a soft systems model that represents the author’s knowledge from scientific literature and field experience of the differential impact of agroforestry systems on soil health, implemented as a Bayesian Network (BN).

Decision Support R package

This is a tool for making big decisions without perfect information.