Our outputs

The Talking Toolkit

How smallholding farmers and local governments can together adapt to climate change

Resilience Diagnostic and Decision Support Tool

The SHARED process is comprised of four inter-related phases, applied on a case by case basis. These are tailored to the specific context of decision makers, stakehilders and resources.


LUMENS is a land use planning tools which will help multi-stakeholders in Papua and South Sumatra to develops proper zones or planning units within the landscape that suit the land use planning purposes in order to achieve sustainable landscape, qu

Njoroge, J and Muthuri, C, 2015. Monitoring tree water use in the field: Training template-Tool- WP 2

Why tree water use/ transpiration? Water is a limiting factor to crop / tree growth Transpiration and water uptake have a direct effect on systems productivity and hence food security Limited knowledge on water use of different tree species

TropiTree - Tropical Tree Expressed Transcripts, SSR Markers and Primer Pairs

TropiTree contains the assembled expressed transcripts from an RNA-seq study of a set of 24 important tropical tree species, along with the microsatellites discovered within them and primer pairs designed to the microsatellite markers.

Useful Tree Species for Africa

This tool enables you to select useful tree species for planting anywhere in Africa using Google Earth. In 2012, we prepared an updated version of this tool, especially enhancing the information provided in the "species selector" spread sheets.

Guides for value chain development: A comparative review

This book provides helps readers to better understand the options available when selecting a guide, or tool, for value chain development (VCD). The book compares the concepts and methods endorsed and assesses the strengths and limitations of the guides for steering development practice.

Assessing impacts of value chain development on poverty: A case study companion to the 5Capitals tool

The 5Capitals tool, developed jointly by an alli­ance of research and development organizations, addresses this shortcoming by proposing an asset-based approach to assess the poverty impacts of VCD.

5Capitals: A tool for assessing the poverty imact of value chain development

5Capitals facilitates learning about the potential of value chain development (VCD) to strengthen rural livelihoods and improve business performance.

Monitoring & Evaluation Tools

The overall design of the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system for land-use planning implementation in Papua comprises two aspects;
  1. Developing the design of the M&E system of planning at the regency level and,
  2. Developing the initial design of Principles, Cr