Our outputs


Facilitation toolkit for training at the County level

Turkana County has been engaged in a process of adapting their planning and budgeting processes as well reviewing the first County Integrated Development Plan (2013-2017) to be more inclusive, evidence based and cross-sectoral.

Decision analysis with the decisionSupport package

Decision-makers often wish to have a quantitative basis for their decisions.

Enabling Decision-Making for Agricultural Interventions TOOL KIT

Agricultural systems are influenced by a range of environmental, economic and socio-cultural factors. Due to this complexity, policymakers in agricultural development need science-based guidance to make decisions.

Guidelines to Good Nursery Practice

At the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), we see that the future of trees is on farms, but what will that future hold if farmers do not have access to high quality seed and seedlings? The opportunity for significant economic development will be missed.

5Capitals toolkit

The 5Capitals toolkit provides those interested in value chain development with an innovative framework for assessing outcomes and impacts.The framework focuses on understanding the needs and circumstances of smallholders and local enterprises engaged in value chain development and helping stakeholders in value chain development to design interventions that better respond to these actors.

Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

This book provides guidance on how the support of negotiations between stakeholders over crucial landscape issues can be organized in a multidisciplinary, multi-skilled team with awareness of the need for, and challenges of, communication across multiple knowledge systems, attitudes, skills and a

Agroforestry Tree Domestication: A primer

Agroforestry is all about using trees on farms and in landscapes for the benefit of rural communities and other land users.

Molecular Markers for Tropical Trees: Statistical Analysis of Dominant Data

In the last decade, there has been an enormous increase worldwide in the use of molecular marker methods to assess genetic variation in trees. These approaches can provide significant insights into the defining features of different taxa and this information may be used to define appropriate management strategies for species

Tree Seed for Farmers Toolkit

The toolkit is based on a review of existing documentation and extension materials on seed production. Useful references to augment the toolkit information are also provided.