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Agroforestry Species Switchboard 2.0: a synthesis of information sources to support tree research and development activities

The Agroforestry Species Switchboard is a “one-stop-shop” to retrieve data about a particular plant species across a wide range of information sources. Its particular objective is to provide information that supports research on trees and tree-based development activities such as agroforestry plantings and wider restoration initiatives, but it also contains information on a much wider range of organisms. Version 2.0 of the Switchboard documents the presence of a total of 172,395 plant species, and 3,979 taxa at infraspecific level, across 35 web-based information sources.


The Spatially Characterized Agroforestry (SCAF) Database is a central repository of Agroforestry data collected from smallholders across Vietnam.

The collected data includes information about:

Wood Density Database

Wood density database records the dry weight per unit volume of wood for particular species, it is an important parameter for :

Pedotransfer Resource Database

Pedotransfer Resource Database (PtfRDB) is a database of input parameters to estimate soil properties for water balance calculations, summarized from 8915 data from tropical soils. The databse was built by Dr. Didik Suprayogo and Soenaryo MSc of Brawijaya University.

AFTree database

 The Agroforestree (AFT) Database is a species reference and selection guide for agroforestry trees.

African Wood Density Database

Wood density is mass of wood per unit volume. It is an important trait for estimating stored biomass and carbon content per unit volume of tree stem (Chave et al. 2009 ).

The Agroforestree Database

The Agroforestree (AFT) Database is a species reference and selection guide for agroforestry trees. Agroforestry trees are those that are deliberately grown or kept in integrated land-use systems and are often managed for more than one output.

Tree diversity analysis

A manual and software for common statistical methods for ecological and biodiversity studies

Naturally African Platform

Naturally African is a Pan-African Innovation Platform that seeks to link research, information and policy geared towards promoting opportunities for small scale African Natural Products Enterprises.The platform gives priority to the creation of new market opportunities; equitable returns to producers, technology transfer, and development of international standards.

Seed Supplier Directory

Seed is the most important input of any tree planting or reforestation program. Adequate quantities of seed assure planting targets can be achieved. The use of quality seed - combined with good planning and management - leads to high tree survival, fast tree growth, and program success.

Molecular Markers for Tropical Trees: Statistical Analysis of Dominant Data

In the last decade, there has been an enormous increase worldwide in the use of molecular marker methods to assess genetic variation in trees.