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Success stories

A brighter future for cocoa farmers

How Côte d’Ivoire’s Vision for Change programme is raising productivity and improving rural livelihoods. ICRAF Trees for Change no. 13

The quiet revolution

Until recently, Niger has tended to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. One of the poorest places in the world, with a low life expectancy, high infant mortality and meagre public services, it has suffered from frequent droughts, crop failures and malnutrition.

Falling by the wayside

Improving the availability of high-quality tree seeds and seedlings would benefit hundreds of millions of small-scale farmers ("Trees for change" series No11)

Taking the heat out of farming

An innovative agroforestry project is helping Indian smallholders to join the global carbon market ("Trees for change" series No10)

Cocoa futures

An innovative programme of research and training is transforming the lives of cocoa growers in Indonesia and beyond ("Trees for change" series No9)

Rich rewards for rubber?

Research in Indonesia is exploring how smallholders can increase rubber production, retain biodiversity and provide additional environmental benefits ("Trees for change" series No8)

A rural revival in Tanzania

How agroforestry is helping farmers to restore the woodlands in Shinyanga Region ("Trees for change" series No7)

Fodder for a better future

How agroforestry is helping to transform the lives of small-scale dairy farmers in East Africa ("Trees for change" series No6)

A window on a better world

An innovative agroforestry development programme is transforming lives and landscapes in rural Cameroon ("Trees for change" series No5)

The fruits of success

A programme to domesticate West and Central Africa’s wild fruit trees is raising incomes, improving health and stimulating the rural economy. ("Trees for change" series No4)

Restoring lives and landscapes

How a partnership between local communities and the state is saving forests and improving livelihoods in Guinea ("Trees for change" series No3)

Seeds of hope

A public-private partnership to domesticate a native tree, Allanblackia, is transforming lives in rural Africa. ("Trees for change" series No2)