African Wood Density Database

African Wood Density Database

Wood density is mass of wood per unit volume. It is an important trait for estimating stored biomass and carbon content per unit volume of tree stem (Chave et al. 2009 ).

 The African Wood Density Database provides air-dry wood density data for over 900 indigenous and exotic tree species found in Africa. While the African Wood Density database focuses mainly on woody trees grown in Africa, it complements the South East Asia Database.

 This database was developed in parallel to the development of the Global Wood Density Database. Users are further encouraged to familiarize themselves with a manual on Measuring Carbon Stocks Across Land Use Systems

 We would like to thank the Carbon Benefits Project (CBP) and the Global Environment Facility who funded this work. The advice of Dr. Jugo Ilic is gratefully acknowledged.

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Citation: Carsan S, Orwa C, Harwood C, Kindt R, Stroebel A, Neufeldt H, and Jamnadass R. 2012. African Wood Density Database. World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi.