Agroforestry paradigms

“The existence of large numbers of people in the fragile ecosystems of the developing world, and the fact that these ecosystems occupy the greater proportion of the land of the developing economies suggest that means must be devised which will assist in increasing the productivity of these ecosystems while at the same time either rehabilitating them or arresting the process of degradation. Agroforestry is a system of land management which seems to be suitable for these ecologically brittle areas.

Request for Tender for Supply and Delivery of Tree Guard Shade Nets

Deadline: 26 Mar 2019

The World Agroforestry (ICRAF) invites tender for supply of tree shade net as per specification given below in two separate envelopes for technical and financial. We are seeking tenders for supply of 50,000 pieces of tree guard shade nets as per the specifications in the requirements section. The financial bid will be open of those bidders only whose technical bid is approved by the procurement committee.

Any and all proposals must be delivered to