ICRAF hosts gender sensitization and training workshop in South Asia

A training workshop titled "Gender Sensitization: Concepts and Tools for Gender Analysis" was conducted by Farhat Naz and Ana Maria Paez Valencia at ICRAF's South Asia Regional Office in New Delhi, India on 12 and 13 October 2015. The aim of the training was to give the participants - who came from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, as well as various South Asian countries - a better understanding of gender concepts and gender analysis tools and frameworks, with a focus on agroforestry research.

Various gender-related concepts, with an emphasis on gender norms, roles and agency, methods and tools for collection and analysis of sex-disaggregated data were discussed through group discussions, a role-play game, group exercises, and presentations. Other topics covered related to the role of the researcher as well as responsibilities, positions and ethics in research and development.

The workshop also focused on raising awareness about the importance of studying and understanding gender dimensions in agroforestry research, and its intersection with other factors of social differentiation such as caste, religion, class, ethnicity so heavily present in the South Asian context.