ICRAF’s Gender Implementing Team (GIT) team holds its annual meeting and training workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

A two and half day ICRAF-Gender Implementing Team (GIT) Annual Meeting and Training Workshop was held from 6-8 July 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The meeting was successfully hosted in collaboration with the ICRAF Thailand office; the workshop cum meeting aimed at (a) sharing and discussing the ongoing gender research, study results and upcoming gender activities (b) review of achievements and progress on gender research since last year (c) conducting training on some of the tools used for gender research and analysis (d) discussing potential key topics for future research (e) facilitate and discuss inter-regional collaborations for research and (f) discuss the strengthening of ICRAF’s leadership in gender transformative research. Presentations covered a wide range of geographical regions on gender research done by ICRAF scientists.

The workshop was facilitated by Delia Catacutan, the CRP6-ICRAF Gender Focal Point & Vietnam Country Representative and; was organized and coordinated by Farhat Naz, Gender Post-Doctoral Fellow at ICRAF-Vietnam. There were 15 participants drawn from various CRPs and regions. In the workshops, annual global review of achievements and progress in gender was highlighted, along with various new gender studies discussed by the participants. Methods such as Identity Wheel learning activity and Co-benefit analysis (using different types of agroforestry intervention) was practiced in context of participatory research in climate change.

Margaret Kroma, Assistant Director General – Partnerships & Impact at ICRAF, led the discussion on ICRAF’s Gender Leadership: Strengthening ICRAFs leadership in gender transformative research; and review of progress with the ICRAF Gender Research Policy, and discussion and clarification of roles and responsibilities regarding gender leadership at ICRAF.