ICRAF’s Gender Implementing Team (GIT) team holds its annual meeting and training workshop

A two and half day ICRAF-Gender Implementing Team (GIT) Annual Meeting and Training Workshop was held from 22-24 August 2014 in HaNoi, Veitnam. Successfully hosted by the ICRAF Vietnam office, the workshop cum meeting aimed at (a) sharing ongoing gender research, study results and upcoming gender activities (b) conducting training on some of the tools used for gender research and analysis (c) discuss potential key topics for future research (d) facilitate and discuss inter-regional collaborations for research and (e) discuss the strengthening of ICRAF’s leadership in gender transformative research.


The workshop was facilitated by Delia Catacutan, the CRP6-ICRAF Gender Focal Point and Farhat Naz, Gender Post-Doctoral Fellow at ICRAF-Vietnam. There were 13 participants drawn from various GRPs and regions. In the workshops, annual global review of achievements and progress in gender was highlighted, along with various new gender studies discussed by the participants. Methods such as social network analysis, bao game; M&E plan for gender integration at FTA and measuring the gender asset gap was discussed in length and how to use in the field. Draft of gender mainstreaming guide and gender photo essay was also discussed and shared with the participants.