Gender in Agroforestry: A special issue of the International Forestry Review

The interplay between agroforestry and gender has been taken up in a special issue of the International Forestry Review.

The issue - which was edited by Delia Catacatun and Farhat Naz, both of ICRAF, alongside Carol Colfer of CIFOR - uses case studies from Mali, Indonesia, Cameroon, and Vietnam, among other places, to explore issues such as gender roles, intra-household power dynamics, and women's access to cash.

"This collection of papers began with our recognition of the vital need to improve our collective record on gender and agroforestry," the editors wrote in their introduction (pdf). "We have seen mistakes committed in dealing with communities, particularly women in communities, repeatedly and usually due to simple ignorance of local contexts, cultural patterns and issues."

The full issue is available here.