The Knowledge Management Unit provides knowledge services to help enhance the Centre’s science quality and accelerate the use and impact of its research. Knowledge services and learning processes, together with the related system infrastructure, are designed to embed, enhance or extract value added from the Centre’s science-based knowledge. These processes and systems are set up to enable the availability, utility, and value of the knowledge services for both internal use to accomplish Centre goals and objectives and external use to transfer knowledge products and/or services with intrinsic value and potential usefulness to end-users. The knowledge services are intended to be used both professionally within research programs to benefit their project work and by individuals for personal knowledge management by increasing the capture, use, and sharing of know-how, information, and experience from the Centre’s research-in-development efforts. As an integral part of the ICRAF Business Framework, knowledge management is subjected to regular assessments to ensure high-quality monitoring, evaluation, and learning to improve its performance in supplying or fulfilling demands for knowledge services.