The Indonesia Program of ICRAF was established in 1993 in Bogor, West Java.

Since then, we have been researching issues critical to sustainable national development, such as landscape restoration, enhanced agroforestry systems for improved livelihoods, value chains and markets, environmental services' schemes and co-investment, land-use planning for low-emission development, biodiversity conservation, peatland restoration and resolution of conflict over land tenure.

We work closely with our host, the Forestry and Environment Research, Development and Innovation Agency of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as well as with the Ministry for National Development Planning, provincial and local governments, communities, NGOs, universities and the private sector to help the nation meet its commitments to national and international agreements such as the Agenda 2030, Paris climate accord, nationally determined contributions to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and the Bonn Challenge.

Our research sites over the last decades extend from Aceh through Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, and islands in east and west Nusa Tenggara to West Papua and Papua provinces.