ICRAF Fellowship

The ICRAF research fellowships aim to advance Center’s research and development agenda. To ensure that the applicant’s prospective research is relevant to Center’s research and development agenda, the applicants are strongly recommended to explore ICRAF’s Priority Research and Development Themes and study its key documents, including the World Agroforestry Center Strategy 2017-2026 to find the best fit.

The research fellows are students registered at international and national universities for their Master’s or Doctoral degree research programs. The duration of an ICRAF fellowship varies up to 36 months depending on the proposed research project.  These fellowships must lead to the submission and defense of a research thesis/dissertation and the award of the degree. 

There are two ways to join ICRAF research fellowship: a) apply for a fellowship opportunity offered by the Centre; b) in collaboration with their academic supervisor and with own funding, submit a research proposal, which is of interest to the Centre. The CDU supports such fellows by identifying a suitable ICRAF supervisor, facilitating the negotiation, registration, monitoring and coordination.

The fellowships are funded by several ICRAF programs and projects. These fellowships are international and thus encourage students from both developing and developed countries to apply. Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply

If you are interested in applying for the ICRAF fellowship, you can submit your online application in English at ICRAF’s Student Information Management System.

Individuals intending to apply for a Research Fellowship at ICRAF need to:

  1. Fill Internship application form,
  2. Provide the most recent resume or curriculum vitae,
  3. Provide a support letter from the university/college confirming current enrolment and providing information on an expected graduation date,
  4. Submit University and college transcripts of the most recent academic qualification,
  5. Submit a Motivation letter, explaining why you are interested in ICRAF internship,
  6. Provide a Research proposal,
  7. Provide Brief statement on fund availability and the source of funding for covering transport, accommodation and food costs,
  8. Submit a Copy of a medical and life insurance cover.