Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the benefits of ICRAF’s internships and research fellowships?

ICRAF internships and fellowships enable students to work together with the ICRAF professionals and enhance their skills in agroforestry research for development. The trainee-supervisor relationship is to be mutually beneficial and of interest to both: the trainee and the supervisor. Considering the academic curriculum, the training is mainly focused on delivering a thesis/dissertation while a short and intensive on-the-job training can be also considered.

2. How to succeed in obtaining fellowship or internship at ICRAF?

Individual learning opportunities shall be of interest to both – ICRAF and students.  The Center does not offer learning opportunities outside its research and development mandate. Refer to About Us and Research Section websites for greater detail about ICRAF work and research interests.

3. How are the applications for internships and fellowships processed?

All applications submitted to ICRAF headquarters and within East Africa are processed by CDU. Internships and fellowships submitted at other ICRAF locations are processed by the respective Regional Capacity Development Liaison staff.

Apply online for a Fellowship or an Internship using the provided linkk. 

4. How long does it take to process applications?

The applications are generally processed within one month. However, considering a large number of applications, some delay may occur. CDU will acknowledge all applications, but will only respond to short listed applicants.

5. How to get funding for training?

ICRAF does not have funding to pay for individual training. All trainees need to cover their own travel, accommodation, insurance and other living expenses. In some cases, fellowships might be available. Visit our web page for currently available fellowship opportunities.