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Community Nurseries


At ICRAF we see that the future of trees is on farms, but what will that future hold if farmers do not have access to high quality seed and seedlings? The opportunity for significant economic development will be missed. We believe, therefore, that developing and implementing farm- and community-based systems for the production of good tree seed and seedlings is one of our highest priorities.

In this book, Kevyn Wightman has synthesized a wealth of information about nursery practices, and added her own formidable experience and insights to offer very useful guidelines for managers of community and project nurseries. The manual includes not only what to do, but also why to do it. Nursery managers and others will find this a valuable reference."

 - From the foreword

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Community Nurseries (Spanish edition)

Research Nurseries


"Research today into the domestication and performance of hundreds of agroforestry tree species is accompanying efforts to see the results of our research reach more people. The starting point for this is the tree, and the starting point for the tree is the nursery.

In this volume, Hannah Jaenicke has incorporated ideas and experiences from her own work and that of partners dealing with agroforestry tree species, and findings from published literature, to produce an invaluable technical guide.

By producing and using better quality tree seedlings in research nurseries, the results of such research will provide maximum benefit to small-scale farmers who are planting trees. Greater recognition of the role of good tree nursery practices and quality tree seedlings in ensuring sustainable and profitable agroforestry systems is needed. This manual aims to promote such recognition among researchers."

 - From the foreword

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