Our Values

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We strongly adhere to four shared core values that guide our work and relationships with colleagues, investors and partners:

  • Professionalism. We aspire to achieve the highest standards of professionalism in our research, communications, fiduciary management and operations; high levels of personal, managerial and governance integrity; transparency in our methods and approaches; and fairness in sharing credit.
  • Mutual respect. We genuinely respect all those with whom we work, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion, age, profession or workplace seniority. We celebrate the achievements of our colleagues and partners. We support a work environment that fosters trust, teamwork and diversity. We commit ourselves to an environment of mutual respect and collaboration with partners, donors and colleagues.
  • Creativity. We promote a culture of innovation, continuous learning, problem solving and independent thinking. We believe that success in living and fostering these values is fundamental to maintaining a vibrant organization, contributing to science and achieving impact.
  • Inclusiveness. We strive to be highly inclusive as a value and an organizational practice, providing an open environment for full participation, a sense of belonging, mutual commitment and supportive engagement for all.

Gender & Diversity

The Centre recognizes that a diverse workforce is key to the achievement of its strategic goals and objectives, believing in a rich diversity to increase research and management excellence. Our processes such as recruitment are conducted in a manner that is sensitive to the need to maintain gender and diversity.