Lisa Fuchs

Project Manager

Lisa Fuchs joined ICRAF’s Climate Change Unit in October 2013 as a political and social analyst consultant. She currently manages the Accelerating Adoption of Agroforestry in Western Kenya (Triple A) project and the Local Governance and Adapting to Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa project. The Accelerating Adoption of Agroforestry project is implemented in collaboration with the Coady International Institute and funded by the Comart foundation. The project combines asset-based community development approaches with the promotion of agroforestry and agricultural best practices in order to enhance the climate change adaptive capacity of local households and communities. The Local Governance and Adapting to Climate Change project is funded by USAID and implemented in collaboration with ILRI. The project analyses the relations between land and natural resource governance adaptive capacity of agro-pastoral households and communities.

Lisa holds a MA in Risk Management and Development in Southern Countries (International Relations) from the University Bordeaux 3, a MA in Empirical Political and Social Sciences from the University of Stuttgart, a ‘Diplôme de Sciences Po Bordeaux’ and a bi-national BA in Social Sciences. She is finalizing her PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne in which she analyses the complex dynamics of non-protection of Mau forest, Kenya’s main water tower. In line with these, her main research interests are in political ecology, decision-making in complex (environmental) settings, negotiation of cultural diversity and minority rights through processes of identification and representation, as well as social movements.