Emilie Smith Dumont

Research Scientist

Emilie is currently studying  PhD in Agroforestry in a joint fellowship programme between ICRAF and Bangor University. She is exploring how multiple knowledge systems and stakeholder engagements can help design inclusive and context sensitive  agroforestry options that promote diversity and resilience. Her research is trans-disciplinary and involves a mix of socio-anthropological, agronomic and ecological sciences. Her research interests focus on the contribution of local ecological knowledge to better understand the dynamics between land use change, tree management and ecosystem services and to explore how on-farm tree diversity can build resilience in smallholders' livelihoods and rural landscapes. Her work is embedded in development projects and looks at collecting and analyzing local knowledge and integrating it with scientific knowledge to design customized extension material and enhance social learning about natural resource management. She has experience  in both the drylands and humid tropics having conducted research across a wide range of farming systems from subsistence agriculture in post-conflict DRC, perennial cash crop systems in Cote d'Ivoire and Rwanda to Sahelian parklands in Mali and Bukina Faso.