Andree Ekadinata Putra

The Climate Change, Green Growth and Land-Use Analyst/ Spatial Analyst Unit Leader

Andree has been working with ICRAF since 2013. As the Spatial Analysis Unit leader, he has a leadership role in assuring the quality, integration, planning and implementation of the activities of the Unit. This includes leading overall project activities, managing the research and scientific agenda, establishing and facilitating partnerships, resource mobilization, managing staff and budget, and liaising with partners, donors and other ICRAF staff in Southeast Asia and other regions, including ICRAF management personnel. He works in close collaboration with partners and country offices, including the communication and resource mobilization team and government officials, technical advisors and experts, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society organizations, to ensure successful program implementation. He also analyses land-based conservation development planning, building and strengthening interactions with multiple partners, including facilitating multi-stakeholder discussions and consultations using appropriate tools, such as Land-use Planning for Multiple Environmental Services or LUMENS.