World Environment Day 2017

Social Media Kit

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5 June. Its aim is to harness individual actions and transform them into a collective power that has a legacy of real and lasting impact on the planet. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the largest global platforms for public outreach celebrated by over a million people in over 100 countries.

This year’s theme is “Connecting People to Nature”.

You can take part in this year's #WorldEnvironmentDay by sharing the messages below via your social media channels and related networks.

Tools & Actions

  1. Trees help fight #climatechange by absorbing carbon dioxide Connect #WithNature on #WorldEnvironmentDay 5 June @UNEP
  2. #DidYouKnow? Trees are giant air conditioners with no power bills #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature @ICRAF
  3. Get a picture of when nature isn’t a friend to farmers Connect #WithNature this #WorldEnvironmentDay
  4. [Video] Restoration through agroforestry in Brazil: #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature @ICRAF
  5.  Can nature’s services be bought and sold? #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature @ICRAF
  6. ‘Diversity matters,’ and other secrets of successful landscape restoration #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature @ICRAF
  7. This map helps you find the right tree for the right place. Identify species on the move #WordEnvironmentDay @ICRAF
  8. Agroforestry leads as investors & governments support land restoration in Latin America #WordEnvironmentDay @ICRAF
  1. Over the past decade, governments in several developing countries, along with hydropower and drinking water companies and wetlands managers, have adopted ‘payments for environmental services’ schemes. What are they? Are they working? Can nature’s services be bought and sold? Find out: Connect #WithNature this #WorldEnvironmentDay  
  2. Our debt to nature equals USD 20 trillion a year and rising. Can a better understanding of the role of ecosystem services emphasize our natural assets as critical components of inclusive wealth, wellbeing and sustainability? #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature
  3. [Video] Restoration through agroforestry in Brazil: #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature
  4. #DYK? Trees are giant air conditioners with no power bills? Trees use solar energy to convert water into vapor, thereby cooling their surroundings. The cooling power equivalent is around 70 kWh for every 100 liter of water transpired, similar to the output of two home air-conditioning units. Read more: #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature
  5. [Video] Impacts of Smart Tree–Invest project. The project has introduced novel tree planting schemes, based on a co-investment mechanism, to improve the quality of home gardens and sloping land in Vietnam #WorldEnvironmentDay  #WithNature
  6. Agroforestry can reconcile conflict between the need to protect the environment and the need to provide livelihoods and food production. In Brazil, this unique quality is being used to help restore degraded land. #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature
  7. Tree enthusiasts on the move can now identify species as they go, and at the same time gain a deeper understanding of their natural environment #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature
  8. In just 20 years, tens of thousands of farmers in southern Niger have re-greened around 5 million hectares of once degraded farmland and significantly improved their livelihoods. Read how they how this has been achieved and the challenges that remain in research and scaling-up the practice which has brought about a re-greening revolution. #WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature




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