Community nurseries and agroforestry farmer field schools

Field based training provide the skills community members need to produce high quality tree seedlings in Indonesia.

 Community nurseries.

Poor access to quality tree seedlings, professional technical assistance, and markets are common problems. To address these conditions in Aceh, Indonesia, the “Nurseries of excellence (NOEL)” program carries out: nursery training, bi-weekly follow-up, vegetative propagation training, technical consultations, cross-visits, market studies and demonstration plot establishment. In 18 months, farmer capacity was greatly enhanced and a network of 50 “nurseries of excellence” (community nurseries) were established in response to local demand for species and seedlings. The approach is effective, replicable and applicable to sites in Southeast Asia where land rehabilitation and community livelihood enhancement initiatives are taking place (Roshetko et al., 2013a)

Agroforestry Farmer Field Schools (AFFS) for tree garden management.

Farmer field schools have been found to be effective for enhancing farmers’ analytical skills and helping them to determine and implement ‘best-fit’ management options to improve the productivity of their farming systems. AFFSs were implemented in the Agroforestry and Forestry (AgFor) project in Sulawesi, Indonesia focusing on five major commodities: clove, pepper, coffee, cacao and durian. Researcher-to-farmer and farmer-to-farmer learning approaches were used, as were cross visits and demonstration plots (Martini, 2013). In the first seven months, a total of 1,138 participants (25% were women) enhanced their knowledge and skills (Roshetko et al., 2013b)


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