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Tree Germplasm Health

Recently formed germplasm health  testing laboratory ensures that clean tree seeds and seedlings are conserved and distributed at the ICRAF Genebank in compliance to plant phytosanitary standards and regulations. This is done through:

  • Testing acquired seeds before storage and distribution and issuing a health statement.
  • Routine monitoring of seedling health at the Tree Research Nursery.
  • In collaboration with partners, routine monitoring of pest and diseases of the field genebank trees collection and regional nurseries.
  • Undertaking research on agroforestry disease and pest control; document and disseminate such findings.
  • Responding to queries relating to tree diseases and pests received from ICRAF Scientists and partners.
  • Building capacity to strengthening research on tree germplasm health challenges
  • Developing risk management strategies to mitigate threats from emerging pests and diseases

Visual screening of Acacia Senegal seeds

Fungal screening using blotter method

Fungal isolation by agar plate method and microscopy

Visual inspection of seedlings health at the ICRAF nursery