Our outputs

Cost effective tools for soil organic carbon monitoring

Authors: Keith Shepherd & Ermias Betemariam

DGIS: Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency through Probabilistic Decision Modelling

Authors : Keith Shepherd, Eike Luedleing, Jan de Leeuw, Grace Muinga

What research investments will have most development impact?

Authors: Keith D Shepherd, Andrew Farrow, Claudia Ringler, Anja Gassner, Devra

Decision analysis

Authors:Eike Luedeling,Keith Shephered

Investment Risk Modeling

¡ All decisions are made under uncertainty ¡ We rarely know enough to be completely sure about how to decide ¡ Decisions must be made, so we need strategies for making the best possible decisions under uncertainty

Gender roles in land use and value chains (GRoLUV), part of the negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

Gender specificity of land use (decisions, labour, remuneration) and participation in value chains needs to be understood.

Rapid market appraisal, part of the negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

The rapid market appraisal tool has been designed to analyse the value chain for agroforestry products, in particular: the role of different actors in adding value and the power of small-scale farmers and processors to increase their benefits form value chain participation.

FALLOW: Forest, Agroforest, Low-value Landscape Or Wasteland?

FALLOW is a landscape-dynamics model, which comprises the following main annual dynamic processes: (1) plot-level soil fertility dynamics in crop and fallow phases affecting agricultural crop production; (2) food storage, use and sale at the village level, with options along the spectrum from ‘fu

LUWES- Land use planning for LowEmission Development Strategy

Land Use Planning for Low Emission Development Strategy (LUWES) is a platform for developing a multiple stakeholder decision-making process to establish land use plans for sustainable development, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from land-based activity while simultaneously maintaining

Data Repository

The World Agroforestry Centre recognizes that research data and knowledge generated from public funded research should be made publically available.